Classes & Fees

Class Structure

New swimmers typically start by doing 1.5 hours per week on Saturdays. As girls progress through the club, they can choose to swim recreationally or competitively, when swim times will be extended and additional lessons added.

We have club sessions six days a week (every day except Sunday). These club sessions are mostly at Baywave. During training for competitions, it is possible that swimmers will train at other local pools, which have dive wells.

Synchro is an all-year-round sport, and we generally take a break during school holidays, unless a competition is nearing. Often in the holidays, we offer workshops for swimmers to attend.  


We run the SSNZ Star programme, which denotes the level and standards that individual girls have attained. All girls start at Star 1 and can ultimately progress to Star 10.

Each year, girls have the opportunity to compete at the North Island, Inter-School and NZ National Championships. 

Swimmers with potential to represent New Zealand are selected by Artistic Swimming NZ to take part in development camps and programmes, and compete in international competitions.


For beginners the cost is approximately $120 per term (for one and a half hours).

The only items needed for regular sessions are one-piece togs, goggles, swimming cap and a nose clip (available from the club or from Teamline in Farm Street, Mt Maunganui).

Baywave also requires an entry fee. Concession cards are available or unlimited entry for a monthly admission fee/annual membership which covers pool entry. Contact Baywave (07 577 8550) directly for more information.

Athlete Handbook

Our athlete handbook can be found here. It's an excellent resource with a wealth of information about the club, how our artistic swimming training works, competitions and club policies and rules.